Have stillness, dear soul. 

I know you have been hurt,

Wounded in the deepest of places. 

Allow sadness, dear heart.

Mourn for what was, 

and for what may never be. 

Give space, dear lungs. 

For I know you’ve learned, 

That constricting your breath is how to survive, 

As to not take up too much space,

But the space, my dear, is yours to breathe.

Have faith, dear lips.

Your words matter, 

And your truth has a voice.

Be kind, dear body.

Tend to the hurt you have endured,

Tend to the shame you have been burdened with. 

Settle, dear mind.

Allow yourself to rest,

You’ve been working so hard, so fast, for so long.

Have courage, dear one.

It is light you are made of.

May you walk in bravery and grace, 

And may you find peace in your bold resilience.

© dani jacoby

Flower Vase

They say that all wounds heal, 

Taking time to mend,

But what they don’t tell you, 

Is about all the time you must spend, 

Making room for the pain, 

To move through your soul, 

Even with fear and uncertainty, 

That you will never again be whole.

But what if I told you, 

That with this time, also comes grace, 

With each day being a reminder, 

Of the healing that’s taking place.

Because through all of this ache, 

All of this suffer and sorrow, 

Darling, just remember, 

The sun will still rise again tomorrow. 


So when it feels as if, 

Your wounds are lying bare,

May you remember that the stories we’ve lived, 

Is not the identity we wear. 

For the past that still haunts us, 

May rest in our souls, 

But it is not our definition,    

And it is not our whole.


And when they say that all wounds heal, 

But this hurt only reminds you of where you’ve been, 

May it also remind you,

These wounds are simply how the light gets in.

For perhaps healing is our soul’s way, 

Of opening up new space, 

Mending the broken pieces,  

And leaving beautiful cracks to be traced.

Smoothing our fingers over the once open wounds,

Grace and healing in the form of scars, 

A reminder of a painful past, 

But also a reminder, that darling, 

you’ve come so far.

© dani jacoby