Individual Therapy 

Dry Leaf

In the Japanese art of Kintsugi, pottery that has been broken is not simply discarded, but rather, mended with gold. The process, known as “golden repair”, reflects the idea that although cracked or broken, the healing process often results in meaningful and expansive pieces of pottery - remaining abundantly resilient and whole. Perhaps you have endured experiences that have resulted in struggling to acknowledge the gold within the cracks or left you feeling un-whole. Perhaps you have an inner critic that keeps you from living a full and meaningful life. Perhaps you walk through life with a longing to be seen, heard, or validated in the way you deserve. Or, perhaps, you wish to learn more about yourself in order to grow in new and meaningful ways.


No matter what your reason is for seeking therapy at this time, I honor your courage to do so. Utilizing a trauma-informed, collaborative, and integrative approach, I tailor therapy to meet each person where they are individually at; without putting you through a series of regimented assessments or placing you in a diagnostic box. My goal is to walk alongside you as we move through the places you may feel stuck, long to understand, or hold deeply within; not simply "fixing" the cracks with gold, but working to integrate both the broken and the beautiful. 

Watercolor Leaves
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All relationships have a unique rhythm. When in sync, there is a fluid movement within and between the connection of the relationship. When out of sync, this rhythm may become uncertain, disconnected or shaky - often making it difficult to find your way back to one another in a way that feels containing and secure. 

I work with the understanding that relationships involve a relational dance where each partner longs for trust, connection, and accessibility in one another. Through the process of couples therapy, the bond between you and your partner can be explored in newfound and meaningful ways; where in which there is a context for conflict, and an understanding of finding a safe relational home in one another. 


Couples Therapy 

Specialization In:

Trauma + PTSD  
Anxiety + Panic 

Sexual Abuse/Assault

Chronic Pain 
Women's/Female Issues  

Relationship Distress 

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) 





Young Adults