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In the Japanese art of Kintsugi, pottery that has been broken is not simply discarded, but rather, mended with gold. This process known as “golden repair” reflects the idea that although seemingly broken, the process of healing and mending results in resilient and beautiful pieces of pottery.

As humans, we are also incredibly resilient - able to bear unbearable pain and hurt. However, our pain is not meant to be held alone; as we need a present and safe other to help us hold, bear, and contextualize these wounding experiences. Thus, it is an honor to walk alongside you as we metaphorically weave gold within the cracks that have left you feeling broken or un-whole; cultivating expansiveness and fostering healing.

Image by Ryu Orn


individual therapy

Specialties include trauma, anxiety, women's issues, and highly sensitive people.

couples therapy

For couples who may be feeling lost or disconnected in their relationship and are looking to find their way back to one another.

trauma-informed yoga & meditation 

Specific yoga and meditation practices designed for survivors of trauma.

trauma-informed consulting

Integrating trauma-informed care into athletic and community settings.

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